Happy Fourth of July from Berry Law

We wish you the best on Independence Day and are grateful for all that each of you has done to ensure the continued freedom of the country that we hold so dear.

For this 4th of July, Berry Law is helping bring history to life by sponsoring a visit from a General Patton reenactor. He will participate in several days of festivities at the Nebraska National Guard Museum along with other reenactors of famous historical military figures. Berry Law chose to add General Patton to the event for several reasons, not the least of which being that our founder, John Stevens Berry, Sr., served alongside Patton’s son during his time in the Army.

While the legend of General Patton’s service to our country is well known, there is not as much information about his son’s service in Vietnam. Berry served with Colonel George S. Patton IV (later Major General) in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Xuan Loc and recalls:

“l remember him once sitting on a court martial. The defendant was late getting into the courtroom and Patton, sitting as president of the court, drew his revolver, spun cylinder, and said to me, ‘Here Captain, take this and go get him out of the stockade so we can get started.’ Why keep someone like that on the court when you have a peremptory challenge to get rid of him? Simple. The guy always thought of himself as the GI’s best friend. And he was.” – John S. Berry Sr. 

In addition to the reenactors, the Nebraska National Guard Museum will be sponsoring a dedication of its new exhibits and contributing to other town events, including a grand parade, a hot dog feed, a 10K fun run, an antique market and a fireworks salute.

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