Strategically defending yourself against a sex crime allegation can be very difficult without the assistance of a skilled defense attorney. The availability of evidence and witnesses can make certain defense strategies more viable than others.

Whatever type of charge you are facing, Berry Law can help you plan your defense strategy. A knowledgeable lawyer at Berry Law can discuss defense strategies in Omaha sex crimes cases with you and work to determine the best course of action for your situation.

Contesting the Prosecution’s Evidence

Many different types of evidence may be relevant to prosecutors seeking a conviction for an alleged sex crime, such as:

  • video footage
  • digital files
  • physical and forensic evidence like DNA samples from the scene of the crime

If the integrity of this evidence is compromised in any way, your attorney may be able to challenge its accuracy and have it declared inadmissible in court.

Additionally, certain types of evidence are illegal for prosecutors to use in local sex crimes cases. For example, if a member of law enforcement searches you or your property without a warrant, any evidence they subsequently gather cannot be used against you in your case. Ensuring any such evidence is not allowed in court is a central component of many defense strategies in Omaha sex crimes cases.

Challenging Witness Testimony

If the accuser could potentially benefit from a conviction in any way, it may be worth questioning how reliable their testimony is as evidence that a crime was committed.

Furthermore, underage witnesses in local sex crimes cases are often very sympathetic to jurors, but the information and testimony they provide is not always dependable. A well-practiced Omaha attorney at our firm can point out inconsistencies in any witness testimony brought against you to bolster your defense.

Refuting Lack of Consent

The prosecution must prove several elements to obtain a conviction for a sex offense in our area. One of our experienced legal representatives can focus your case’s defense strategy around disproving one of the elements crucial to your particular case.

For example, according to Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-319 & 320, sexual assault of any degree occurs when one person subjects another to sexual acts without their consent. A member of Berry Law’s legal team can also refute the opposing party’s claim that consent was not given to ensure your case’s defense strategy is as strong as possible.

Talk to an Omaha Attorney about Sex Crimes Case Defense Strategies

Defending yourself against a sex crime allegation is not something you should ever try to do alone. These cases can get very technical, and in most situations the prosecution is going to be extremely hostile toward you in their pursuit of a conviction.

Instead, consider retaining a seasoned defense lawyer for assistance determining the best defense strategies for your Omaha sex crime case. One of our dedicated attorneys can provide you with the legal firepower you need to effectively fight your charges. Call Berry Law today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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