If you are under investigation for robbery in Omaha, your next steps could have a major impact on your future. Robbery is a serious charge. Even if you believe the case against you isn’t strong, it is important to consider the penalties associated with a robbery conviction.

Working with experienced legal counsel can provide you with a significant advantage. An experienced criminal defense attorney from Berry Law can help you fight your charges. An Omaha robbery lawyer can offer valuable insight on what to expect at trial and help you avoid the pitfalls of the criminal justice system.

Omaha Robbery Laws

Robbery is considered a theft crime in Omaha and involves unlawfully taking property from another person. Robbery is unique in that it also involves the threat or use of force to steal property from another person.

Nebraska Revised Statutes §28-324 characterizes robbery as using force, violence, or fear to take money or other valuable possessions from another person. There is no cap on the value of stolen items; if an item has any value whatsoever, it could qualify under the robbery statute.

A conviction requires that the accused person knowingly used force or fear to take another person’s property. It makes little difference what the defendant’s intent was. A person can be convicted of robbery regardless of whether they intended to keep the property, give to another person, or even destroy it. As long as the goal was to permanently deprive another person of money or items, they can be charged with robbery.

Robbery charges can also involve taking something out of another person’s vehicle or taking their property while they are not around.

At trial, an Omaha robbery attorney may build a defense strategy based on the language of the statute. For example, a member of our dedicated legal team might argue that you did not intend to intimidate or threaten the alleged victim. It may also be possible to characterize the situation as a misunderstanding.

Penalties for a Robbery Conviction

By default, robbery is considered a Class II felony. This is one of the most severe classes of felony, and a conviction could lead to a 50-year prison sentence. In addition to jail time, a person convicted of robbery could also face significant fines or court costs.

Additionally, the court could enhance these charges if aggravating factors are present. This could include the use of a firearm or prior robbery convictions. An experienced Omaha attorney could help someone accused of robbery fight against the underlying charge as well as any allegations of aggravating factors.

Work with an Omaha Robbery Attorney Today

It is important to remember that an arrest for robbery never guarantees a conviction. Acquittals happen all the time. With the right lawyer, you might see your case dismissed long before trial.

Obtaining a favorable outcome starts with building a strong defense. To learn more about your legal options, set up a confidential consultation with an Omaha robbery lawyer from Berry Law today.

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