When a driver fails to follow road signs indicating the right of way, they can cause serious crashes. Especially when they turn into oncoming traffic traveling at high speeds, the results can be devastating.

If you were injured in a wreck caused by a negligent driver, a Seward failure to yield accident attorney can help. A dedicated car accident attorney can guide you through the claims process to get the compensation you need and deserve.

When Does a Failure to Yield Accident Occur?

Failure to yield refers to an accident where a driver or pedestrian violated the legal right of way of another driver and caused a collision. A right of way essentially means that a driver or individual has the legal right to be in a space over another individual.

Some common fact patterns surrounding failure to yield accident scenarios include a driver making a right-hand turn not seeing a pedestrian who has the right of way when crossing the intersection. Another common scenario occurs when person comes up to a red light to make a right-hand turn and there is waiting traffic across the intersection who has the right of way. If the driver thinks there is nobody coming from the crossing direction and they can safely make the turn, they may turn into oncoming traffic.

What Makes Determining Fault Difficult?

Identifying fault in failure to yield cases can be complicated because it is necessary to determine who has the right of way. Sometimes it is not clear who had a right of way in a given situation. It is easier when there are road signs that can indicate a right of way such as a stop sign. However, there are more complicated situations, such as when pedestrians are not following traffic lights that can make determining liability difficult.

Insurance companies treat failure to yield accidents as of an all-or-nothing scenario. Typically, the person who failed to yield is going to bear 100 percent of the fault. This is why it is important for individuals to work with an attorney who can gather any available evidence to prove liability.

Investigating a Seward Collision

An attorney can investigate a failure to yield case to determine who is at fault. First, they will obtain the accident report that will list the police officer’s narrative of the evidence they collected and the names and contact information of any witnesses. If it is not clear from the report what happened or if the injured party says the report is wrong, the attorney will start contacting the witnesses to see if their testimony matches up with the report. The lawyer will then survey the accident scene to see if there are any secondary sources of evidence such as video cameras in the area or if there are any additional witnesses.

One of the greatest benefits of working with a law firm as opposed to a solo practitioner is that a law firm has more resources at their disposal. Additionally between all the attorneys at a law firm, there is a greater number of years of experience and they can collectively pool their knowledge. This can all be used to help prove liability.

A Seward Failure to Yield Accident Attorney Can Be an Advocate

If you were injured in a collision followed by a driver who failed to yield the right of way, a Seward failure to yield accident attorney can help. The diligent attorneys at Berry Law can thoroughly examine the facts surrounding your crash to help build a strong case for fault. Call today for a free consultation.

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