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In cases involving major drug busts and vehicle stops on Interstate 80, Nebraska police often use drug dogs to search for illegal substances. The use of these dogs is controversial. In a specific case, it may be possible to attack the reliability of the dog regarding the detection of drugs. When this effort is successful, it may be possible to suppress the evidence uncovered. If the evidence can be suppressed, the prosecution’s case will very likely collapse.

At Berry Law, we provide vigorous representation in cases involving drug busts on Interstate 80, in homes and in other locations. Many of the cases we have handled involved drug dog searches. Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced drug dog search defense attorney in Lincoln and Omaha.

Drug Dogs Can Be Unreliable in Lincoln

Drug dogs are trained to detect the odor of drugs. The odor itself does not necessarily indicate the presence of drugs, though in most cases courts have found that the existence of the odor provided sufficient cause for the police to perform a search.

But some drug dogs can be unreliable. Our lawyers will carefully review the facts in your case, including the training records of the dog in question. We may be able to challenge the admissibility of any evidence uncovered by the dog search through the use of expert witnesses in drug dog training.

In many drug cases, illegal search and seizure methods used by the police can provide the key to a successful outcome. The criminal defense attorneys at Berry Law will work diligently to build a strong and successful case for you.

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