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The federal criminal justice system bears little resemblance to the Nebraska court system. If you’re charged with a federal crime or under investigation for a federal offense, you’ll benefit from the advice of an attorney who understands the:

  • Federal grand jury process
  • Federal criminal procedure
  • Practices and policies of federal law enforcement agencies
  • U.S. Attorney’s office
  • Federal sentencing guidelines that specify the punishment for practically all federal crimes.

Contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney at Berry Law Firm for the counsel of a lawyer who understands the difference between the state and federal court systems. The consequences of a federal felony conviction are too severe to justify on-the-job training for a defense lawyer who doesn’t understand how the federal courts work.

Our Law Firm Has Helped Clients in Federal Court for Decades

At Berry Law Firm, our lawyers have the experience and trial skills necessary to plan and fight your battles. The FBI and DEA can mount and sustain a long investigation, and few federal prosecutors will seek an indictment on charges they’re not very confident of winning.

Nevertheless, you still have constitutional rights and due process protections, and our attorneys know how to defend your rights in federal court. We have the experience and staff to try an extensive and detailed jury case by protecting your rights while requiring the government prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Our federal criminal defense attorneys represent people under investigation or indicted for such crimes as the following:

  • Drug trafficking and conspiracy charges
  • Money laundering and white collar crimes
  • Public corruption or bribery crimes
  • Internet crimes
  • Sex offenses such as child pornography or online solicitation of a minor
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