The term “car insurance fraud” covers a broad range of deceptive acts perpetrated by consumers, insurance agents, or insurance companies. Given the significant financial impact that fraud has on the auto insurance industry, regulators and state prosecutors aggressively pursue these cases. The government’s overzealous approach to seeking out fraud can lead to a wrongful arrest over a misunderstanding.

No matter the circumstances of your case, a dedicated fraud attorney can assist you in pushing back against the allegations. A Lincoln car insurance fraud lawyer can help you build a strong defense and protect your rights throughout the court proceedings.

Common Examples of Car Insurance Fraud in Lincoln

Car insurance fraud can take many different forms and target different types of people. If you are currently facing charges, you should understand the nature of the accusations against you.

Fraud Committed by Insurance Agents

Often, acts of fraud committed by insurance agents involve pushing inadequate or fake insurance policies on customers. In cases such as these, the customer may not realize the insurance policy he or she bought was fake until after an accident.

Fraud Committed by Consumers

Many car insurance fraud cases revolve around false claims filed by consumers. These claims come in two general categories—hard insurance fraud and soft insurance fraud. Hard insurance fraud involves a direct effort to manufacture a car insurance claim. An example could include intentionally damaging a vehicle for the sole purpose of filing an insurance claim.

Soft insurance fraud refers to distorting the truth to obtain beneficial insurance coverage—or any coverage at all. This could include lying on an application for coverage or falsifying evidence of a vehicle’s ownership. Whether you are a car insurance agent or a consumer, a fraud attorney at our firm can help you understand your charges.

Defenses Against Auto Insurance Fraud Charges

The defenses available in your car insurance fraud case depend on the prosecution’s evidence against you and their specific claims. That said, one defense that is available in all of these cases is the lack of fraudulent intent. There is no such thing as accidental fraud, meaning a conviction for auto insurance fraud is only warranted if the state can establish you intended to defraud an insurance company or a consumer.

Another powerful defense could involve citing violations of your constitutional rights. An illegal search or seizure of your home, vehicle, or person could result in the suppression of any evidence found. Given that documentary evidence is often vital to these cases, a constitutional violation could result in an acquittal.

Ultimately, an experienced Lincoln attorney at Berry Law will review your car insurance fraud case to identify weaknesses in the state’s evidence and develop a defense strategy.

Speak with a Lincoln Car Insurance Fraud Attorney Right Away

Allegations of car insurance fraud are serious. Whether they are coming from federal regulators or state law enforcement officials, you shouldn’t underestimate the potential consequences of a conviction.

You do not have to face these charges on your own. Let a Lincoln car insurance fraud lawyer build a defense tailored to the facts in your case. Call Berry Law now to schedule a confidential consultation and get started.

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